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For those of us who thrive on keeping everything in tip-top condition, each Water Blaster can easily be cleaned between usage.

Cleaning is possible because of the Water Blaster screw cap, pictured at right. The screw cap allows you to withdraw the plunger (blue tube) all the way from the cylinder (red tube).

Is Cleaning Required?

No, cleaning is not required after each use of your Water Blaster. But think of it this way: after a weekend of fun, wouldn't it be a good idea to rinse out your weekend toys, leaving them in perfect condition for the next outing? Sure, although nothing terrible will happen if you don't.

We do recommend cleaning once in a while, when needed.

How Difficult Is Cleaning?

About as difficult as watering a plant. Simply unscrew the cap, pull out the blue plunger, rinse, and then replace the plunger. Retighten the screw cap. You're done.

That wasn't so hard now, was it?


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